Emmaisms: Why Do You Always Want Me To Wear Dresses?

Sometimes there is a disconnect between the expectations of a parent and those of the child.  I know, what a surprise, right?  Well, when we first adopted Emma, in fact when we were still going through the adoption process, Marie was so darned excited to have a girl coming in to the family that she got a few dresses for Emma to wear.

To say Emma was more than a little uncomfortable in a dress would be an understatement.  Emma was always hyper-conscious that her legs were different in both looks and functionality.  Emma was always concerned her feet didn’t “work” in fancy shoes.  Emma was not, shall we say, proper.

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Emma approximately 7 years old

“Why do you always want me to wear dresses?” Emma would asked so exasperated.

As a father/husband, I watched with great joy those early “battles of will” as to whether or not Emma would wear a dress.  In the fifteen years we were blessed with this child I believe I only saw her in a dress 10-12 times, max.  School dances, Easter, those kind of things.  Dresses just weren’t her thing.

Anyways, needless to say, as in most cases, the child eventually wins. And frankly, it didn’t really take all that long for Emma to wear Marie down on the subject.  Parents, you know what I’m talking about.

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