Real Stories…Frank Opinions

Emma Lengquist – September 8, 1997 to February 16, 2018
Emma was born with cerebral palsy and was later diagnosed, as a young adult, with Borderline Personality Disorder.  This website is dedicated to her memory and the ripple effect she had on those that surrounded her.  This website will include real, frank and raw discussions about mental health care, people with disabilities and how we can help them to succeed and thrive.

This website and author will seek change in the discussion and acceptance of mental health and will seek change in how our schools, police forces and governments interact with and aide those challenged in such a profound way. You may not like all of the opinions stated as we move forward and frankly, that would be okay.  At least we would be having a discussion.

That said, I’m tired of the talk.  The time for change is here.

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