Glitches and Smiles

In Emma’s Words

Emma believed everyone should be treated with kindness and respect.  Sure, some have a few glitches and yet everyone deserves to smile. 

Don’t take our word for it.  Give Emma a listen.

Emmaisms: Selling girl scout cookies

I'll never forget the day that Emma decided we were going to go out and sell Girl Scout cookies. Emma had very recently joined the Girl Scouts and as it turned out she would only last in the organization about 8-10 months. But that's another story. Emma had heard she...

Our past, our future and who we choose to be

A recurring theme when I talk to people is the regrets they hold close. Regrets are a funny thing. They are not always labeled "regrets." Sometimes they are "I wish I woulda... this" or "I wish I wouldn't have... that." Let me ask you a question; What exactly can we...

A Tumbleweed’s Life

Blows Blowing BlownFrom here to thereand on again Thoughts I controlDestination belongs to the wind Through open fieldsbarbed wire fencesFrogger with carsSettling in the waterS i n k i n g Thoughts I controlDestination... and outcome...belong to the...

The Day I Met Emma

Emma changed my life, my outlook and many of my views on just about everything. Emma set me on a course to become a better person, a better father and husband.  Emma set me on a path to become a better human being.  I write these memories as a keepsake of who I was and who Emma ignited me to become.  I write these memories to preserve the light that Emma provided.

Emmaisms: Going To The Daddy Store

Emmaisms: Going To The Daddy Store

Shortly after The Day I Met Emma Marie spoke to Jodi, Emma's foster mom, to see what Emma had thought.  There were several things she said that day.  The first was that Emma knew I would be a great dad. How? Well, I'm bald.  It seems all the kind men in Emma's life to...

Love and Adoption

Love is a funny thing. Have you ever tried to describe it?  Songwriters and poets have been working on a unified definition of love for a couple millennia and still we have nothing concrete that we can tell our children, “Hey, you are in love when…” 1 John 4:8...

Emmaisms: Marry a Rich Man, Raise Dogs

When Emma Lengquist was younger she had a consistent dream: Marry a rich man who owned a lot of land and raise dogs.  As she would describe her future life she would get so passionate about all the details; lots of land, a training place for the dogs, what kind of...

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