I’ve Been on Pause ||

NOTE: This is me processing grief. This is not inspirational. This is the grief I feel. It is important to me to document this for my sake. And if it helps one other person to not feel alone, to know they are not on their own, well, that is why I publish this writing....

My Favorite Memory of the Inaugural Emma Lengquist Memorial Puppy Parade

Of all the memories that I carry from the Inaugural Emma Lengquist Memorial Puppy Parade last August, there is one memory that stands above the rest. And it may not be what you think. Some of my great memories include; How many people showed up to help (Thank you)How...

Special Needs Adoption

When Marie and I first talked about adopting a child out of the foster care system it never occurred to either of us, well me for sure, that we'd be taking part in a special needs adoption. I'd like to you to consider, for the sake of argument, that almost any...
The Day I Met Emma

The Day I Met Emma

Somewhere in north Tulsa, Oklahoma in the spring of 2003 I sat in our champagne colored Nissan Quest minivan waiting for Marie to come back out of a house that I’d never seen until a few minutes earlier. In the van with me was my nine-year-old son Jake, and Brandon. ...

Your Young Adult May Be In Danger

Per the Kansas Health Institute's publication Understanding The Mental Health System in Kansas published October 2017 for a study from 2014 - 2015, a startling 9.8% of adults aged 18 - 25 years have experienced a "Major Depressive Episode in the Past Year."  Diving...

In Emma’s Words

Emma believed everyone should be treated with kindness and respect.  Sure, some have a few glitches and yet everyone deserves to smile. 

Don’t take our word for it.  Give Emma a listen.

Happy Birthday, Emma

Happy Birthday, Emma

Today should be Emma's twenty-first birthday.  Oh boy, did she have plans!  She was finally going to drink a beer that she liked...never-mind that when we were in Mexico she tried and hilariously turned up her nose to beer, margaritas, pina coladas, etc.  In her mind,...

Emmaisms: Who Emma Was To Me

Two months ago today my world changed with a phone call.  Rather than dwell today about my loss I thought I would choose to tell you who Emma was to me.  Seems like a better use of energy. JOIN OUR MAILING LIST TO KEEP UP TO DATE WITH The Emma Lengquist Memorial Puppy...

Emmaisms: Through the Eyes of a Friend

Back on March 16, 2018 I received a message from someone that knew Emma through Inclusion Connections. I can tell you that one of my greatest joys in life is the blessing of being able to see any of my children through the eyes of another. From Aleks Kostic... "I was...

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