Emmaisms: Air Tickles

While playing with Oliver (our grandson) the other day Marie and I stumbled upon a great memory of Emma. Up until about her 17th birthday she had one very unique quality when it came to being tickled; you didn't even have to touch her. All you had to do was wiggle...


While Memorial Day remembrances originally started as Decoration Day to honor those who fought and/or died in the Civil War in 1971 it became Memorial Day by federal decree. Today, for many, Memorial Day weekend offers us the chance to grill hamburgers, drink cool...

Living Strong

We are certainly living in interesting times, wouldn't you agree? COVID-19 has changed the very fabric of our society and challenged our basic precepts on our economy. Our current normal wasn't even imagined by most Americans as little as a six weeks ago, let alone...

The Day I Met Emma

Emma changed my life, my outlook and many of my views on just about everything. Emma set me on a course to become a better person, a better father and husband.  Emma set me on a path to become a better human being.  I write these memories as a keepsake of who I was and who Emma ignited me to become.  I write these memories to preserve the light that Emma provided.

Special Needs Adoption

Special Needs Adoption

When Marie and I first talked about adopting a child out of the foster care system it never occurred to either of us, well me for sure, that we'd be taking part in a special needs adoption. I'd like to you to consider, for the sake of argument, that almost any...

Considering Foster Care

Considering Foster Care

At a family after-Christmas celebration in Missouri I had a chance to interview my sister-in-law regarding her thoughts as a CASA Executive Director. Here is what she'd like to say to anyone considering foster care. Q: What is it you really want prospective foster...

In Emma’s Words

Emma believed everyone should be treated with kindness and respect.  Sure, some have a few glitches and yet everyone deserves to smile. 

Don’t take our word for it.  Give Emma a listen.

Our Loved Ones Live on Through Us

Life is energy. Energy is life.  Perhaps this is how our loved ones live on through us.  I am a believer in the Holy Trinity.  And what about our souls? Are our souls energy? This post isn't to go deep in to the theology of it all.  This post is to wonder that, no, to...

Thankful Living

I believe in Thankful Living.  Why?  Because Thankfulness is a state of mind.  If I'm not counting my blessings then what am I focusing on? Dianna Kokoszka teaches us in her KW BOLD training that "What we focus on expands."  When all we concentrate on is the problem...

Emmaisms: Marry a Rich Man, Raise Dogs

When Emma Lengquist was younger she had a consistent dream: Marry a rich man who owned a lot of land and raise dogs.  As she would describe her future life she would get so passionate about all the details; lots of land, a training place for the dogs, what kind of...

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