Emmaisms: Freddy’s Fries

Marie was cleaning out a drawer this morning and found one of Emma's old journals. I still haven't sat down and read all that we have that she wrote. Too painful, frankly. Yet, today I had to smile. 3 things I'm thankful for I'm thankful for freddy's and the freddy's...

Our Foster Care System is Failing All of Us

Providing foster care is not for feint of heart. Let's just get that out of the way right up front. The Kansas City Star's special reports on the state of foster care in our country shows us is that something is systemically wrong both in the way our culture looks at...

Earning Trust of Foster Care Children

Today's post is about earning the trust of foster care children. Because believe me, this is a completely different bag of cats than raising your own biological children. Marie and I were told this when we were getting our foster parent and adoption certification in...

The Day I Met Emma

Emma changed my life, my outlook and many of my views on just about everything. Emma set me on a course to become a better person, a better father and husband.  Emma set me on a path to become a better human being.  I write these memories as a keepsake of who I was and who Emma ignited me to become.  I write these memories to preserve the light that Emma provided.

Special Needs Adoption

Special Needs Adoption

When Marie and I first talked about adopting a child out of the foster care system it never occurred to either of us, well me for sure, that we'd be taking part in a special needs adoption. I'd like to you to consider, for the sake of argument, that almost any...

Considering Foster Care

Considering Foster Care

At a family after-Christmas celebration in Missouri I had a chance to interview my sister-in-law regarding her thoughts as a CASA Executive Director. Here is what she'd like to say to anyone considering foster care. Q: What is it you really want prospective foster...

Blame is Not the Answer

Blame is Not the Answer

Many of you have watched the story KCTV5 is following regarding mental health care in Kansas and Missouri that features Marie and myself telling Emma's story as best we can. We appreciated Joe Chiodo's efforts with us and his desire to seek answers. Yet, I do want to...

The Dangers of Living a Blessed Life

The Dangers of Living a Blessed Life

For those of you in Kansas City who have been following the Kevin Kietzman hullabaloo as I have, well, this is a perfect example of the dangers of living a blessed life. To catch you up to speed, Kevin is a polarizing sports commentator on WHB 810 here in KC. I happen...

In Emma’s Words

Emma believed everyone should be treated with kindness and respect.  Sure, some have a few glitches and yet everyone deserves to smile. 

Don’t take our word for it.  Give Emma a listen.

Our Loved Ones Live on Through Us

Life is energy. Energy is life.  Perhaps this is how our loved ones live on through us.  I am a believer in the Holy Trinity.  And what about our souls? Are our souls energy? This post isn't to go deep in to the theology of it all.  This post is to wonder that, no, to...

Thankful Living

I believe in Thankful Living.  Why?  Because Thankfulness is a state of mind.  If I'm not counting my blessings then what am I focusing on? Dianna Kokoszka teaches us in her KW BOLD training that "What we focus on expands."  When all we concentrate on is the problem...

Emmaisms: I NEED A BAND-AID!

You know how kids will associate a Band-Aid with pain relief? I mean, really, by the time you get to the Band-Aid portion of the healing process the pain has already begun to subside, right? Well, our first visit to the pediatrician there in Jenks, OK was quite an...

Emmaisms: Overcoming Her Fear of Water

Our best friends have a swimming pool. Emma used to love to go over and play in the water.  She wasn't much of a swimmer and yet you couldn't get her out of the water.  I suppose it is because of the freedom of movement she'd gain.  Anyhow, I thought you might like...

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