Living in gratitude, counting our blessings, giving thanks. All are desirable. All have long lasting effects on our lives, our attitudes and our health. This post isn’t to convince you of this as one may simply spend some time with Google searches to find mountains of both anecdotal and empirical evidence to back up the gifts of thankful living. Rather, this post is to remind us all to take the time to go through the exercise of grateful living. I invite you to make your own list. I simply share this to give a glimpse of how I approach it and to offer praise to the One that made me.

I’m thankful;

  • For good health and a sharp mind. (Some might debate the latter.)
  • A loving wife.
  • To be the father of four.
  • To be the grandparent of two.
  • For finding my professional calling in the real estate industry.
  • To share my words, thoughts and stories through writing.
  • To have been Emma’s father for fifteen years.
  • For the lessons Emma, and God, taught me through our relationship.
  • For leaving behind the old me and embracing the new.
  • For my dearest and closest friends.
  • For my Kansas upbringing.
  • For my mom, dad and sisters.
  • For Christ on the cross.

I might be able to sit here for hours counting blessings. It’s an exercise I think through regularly. In America (and Canada, I believe) we get a special day each year set aside for Thanksgiving. Even that is a true blessing. A reminder. An ignitor to take a moment.

In my life I have found that most (if not all) blessings come with corresponding challenges. What if we recognized challenges for what they truly are? ie, training to be able to handle the blessings with humility and purpose.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.