While playing with Oliver (our grandson) the other day Marie and I stumbled upon a great memory of Emma. Up until about her 17th birthday she had one very unique quality when it came to being tickled; you didn’t even have to touch her. All you had to do was wiggle your fingers and smile and pronounce “I’m going to tickle you!”

I’m not sure how I discovered this. It was great fun for all. And it didn’t matter if it was me or Marie attempting to “tickle” her. As we’d move closer and closer she’d roll up in a ball and just start giggling, sometimes uncontrollably.

It’s kinda weird how these recollections and memories can appear out of nowhere with someone who is gone. I honestly believe there hasn’t been a day since her passing that I haven’t thought of her, how she influenced my life and how happy I am that she got those twenty years here with us.

It is simply amazing the impact a single life can have on others. So when you ask yourself “Do I really matter?” know that the answer is “Yes!” To someone, I promise you do. None of us can get through life without others. Maybe sometimes we simply have to drop our guard, be vulnerable and open to a few “air tickles” to lighten the moment.