Marie was cleaning out a drawer this morning and found one of Emma’s old journals. I still haven’t sat down and read all that we have that she wrote. Too painful, frankly. Yet, today I had to smile.

3 things I’m thankful for

  1. I’m thankful for freddy’s and the freddy’s sauce
  2. my phone so I can contact people
  3. My dad is coming back home

I really haven’t pieced together when this was written. Must have been on one of my trips for work. I’m just happy that I was somewhere in the Top 3…even if Freddy’s fries brought home first prize.

Not a day goes by when she doesn’t cross my mind. Actually, that’s true for all my kids. Yet somehow, she is frozen in time. We’ll meet again, of that I’m sure. Until then, Marie and the kids and I have these memories. And what good memories they are.