Wow.  I had a good time.  I hope you did as well.  This is my Puppy Parade Thank You.

Emma Lengquist would have LOVED Saturday.  I mean there were bubbles.  There was music.  There were lots of people. And, oh boy!, there were dogs, dogs, dogs.  I spent so much of my time greeting people and thanking them and finding out their connection.  There were friends of Emma’s. Friends of ours. People who knew other people.  People who saw it on social media and KCTV5.

And, I know of at least two dogs that were adopted because of the event so I guarantee you that Emma would have talked about that all afternoon.  Thank you to Unleashed for bring those dogs out and making them available.

Puppy Parade Olathe Kansas small dog winner

Everybody loves their dogs.  Everybody loves a party.  And everybody loves a parade.

We gathered so many great pictures and video snippets that we are still culling through them. It is our intention to have a short video put together by this time next week that we can share.  And since I believe in total transparency, especially when it comes to money donated to charitable organizations, we will publish how much money was raised, how much money needed to be reimbursed or spent on expenses and then how much money ended up in the hands of Inclusion Connections / PawsAbilities and the Olathe Animal Shelter.

Inclusion Connections Puppy Parade

Thank you for taking part of you day to celebrate Emma’s life with us.  Thank you for bringing awareness to suicide prevention, mental health and physical disabilities.  Thank you for interacting with and cheering for some of our special needs community.  Thank you to all who participated in any small way.

Puppy Parade in Kansas City Olathe