On April 29, 2019 I will be attending a Suicide Prevention and Awareness Event at Legacy Christian Church in Overland Park, Kansas. This is part of a series of events in the “Straight Talk for Families” category that LCC puts on from time to time. We’ve been invited because, well, you know.

In addition I have written an article that will appear some time in April regarding suicide. I am still putting the finishing touches on the article and will share on this site once it is completed and published on the Legacy blog. It is my hope that it will be the first in a series of article regarding Christianity, mental health and suicide.

Listen, I know suicide is hard on families. I definitely get it. I also know it can be very difficult on one’s spiritual faith. If you are wondering, if you have doubts, if you have anger towards God…please, join us on April 29. While I do not know the curriculum I do know this; you will have my support and understanding.

Follow the link in the first sentence to register for the event or click here. Someone may be counting on you.