Emma LengquistToday is the day we celebrate Easter in 2018.  I’m not going to pretend it isn’t hard without Emma here.  Happily, we will celebrate this day with Jacob and Makena, Brandon and Jenna and Paisley, and Piper.  My sister Kathy and her family are coming as well.  Yes, there will be a place setting not filled, figuratively speaking.  Emma shined on days such as these where she could entertain and talk to many people.


A few days ago I wrote Unconditional Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness.  When it came to the “Jesus” part of me explaining my interpretation of Unconditional Love as it pertains to theology I was unsettled as to my layman’s attempt to explain.  I therefore reached out Dr. Bruce Ewing, a former pastor who holds a doctorate from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Dr. Ewing is someone I still turn to when my theology gets tenuous. I believe he has a gift and so I appreciate his input. I asked him to read what I had wrote and respond as to the soundness of what I was saying.  Dr. Ewing responded, quite beautifully,  Below are his thoughts. Since it is Easter, I couldn’t think of a better day to share.

I hope you are blessed as I am.

“I believe the total forgiveness extends beyond whether we receive it or follow Him etc.  or not. I believe when He died on the cross His unconditional love was placed in motion and total forgiveness was extended to all.  That does not mean in any way that any one person will accept or receive that unconditional love and forgiveness,…or the benefits that comes from it.  From what I understand the unconditional love of Christ is a constant whether it is received or not.  That is what makes it so uniquely different and miraculous and specific only to the Father and Jesus.  
“When we receive Christ(‘s) unconditional love AND forgiveness we then have the capacity to demonstrate that same love to another.  Perhaps an illustration might be in your love for Jacob ,Emma , Brandon, and Piper .There is no question about your unconditional love for them. They may not always want to receive it but it is there regardless.  As with us, when we like they chose to reject or not respond to that love there are consequences.  That does not mean your (our) love no longer is offered on our part ,  it stays the same,  …our love (His) is the constant .  His love is ALWAYS effective .  Most often it is this very constant to often draws back to the position of experiencing His love and forgiveness.   
“When one chooses to reject His love there are consequences which are a result of our choice. He remains consistent with that same love regardless of our acceptance or not.  
“For those who reject His love and forgiveness and do not receive it there is hell to pay, literally, but His love is still there.   For those of us who have received it and became His adopted children we will often act as if we have rejected Him but His love, forgiveness continues to embrace us regardless of our behavior.”