Emma loved Inclusion Connections and its job program; PawsAbilities.   When she could muster the confidence she would go on fundraising appearances to talk and share, and always win a grant of some sort.  Well, almost always. I found this speech she prepared to win a grant that didn’t work out.  And yet, it tells a little bit of her story and how Inclusion Connections was very much a part.


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“Hello my name is Emma Lengquist and I graduated in May 2016. I have felt my opportunities are limited as I’m not able to drive I don’t have a job and I really want my own apartment and experience life like my friends. 

“Inclusion Connections is helping me get there. This week I started training in their new dog treat program where I am going to make a sell dog treats.  I’m very excited about developing my marketing because I am good at talking to people.  With this experience, it will help me with my goals in life so that my dream can come true. 

“I am also a dog lover!!!   I am very passionate about dogs.  I have 3 dogs at home; a husky named Bolt, a Maltese Pomeranian named Princess and a Jack Russell terrier named Spot. 

“Inclusion Connections also helps me meet new friends and give me a place to go. Our activity center is a fun place to hang out.  It is where I can be alone or hangout with my awesome friends.  My favorite activities that I like doing are karaoke and dancing.  I love to dance and sing!  I also like the fashion show they have every year because I get to dress up and show everyone my dance moves. 

“Inclusion Connections has changed my life in so many ways.  I love how so many people volunteer.  Just coming to Inclusion Connections allows me to feel like a normal kid instead of feeling scared that people will not accept me.  I love Inclusion Connections so much because they don’t look at us as kids with disabilities as much as they look at us as any other person that has a few glitches.   We all have glitches, right?  We also have big hearts.  And that should make up for the glitches.  Inclusion Connections is a place for us.  It’s a place for me.  We can always use more people that understand that and want to help.   

Thank you very much for your time.”