Inclusion Connections of Olathe, Kansas is putting on its 5th Annual Gala FashionAbility on February 9th, 2019 and I am so happy to tell you that it is SOLD OUT! Why is this exciting? Because it means that there will be so much fun had, so much awareness raised and, most likely, more money than ever before raised to fund Inclusion Connections.

And this warms my heart.

FashionAbility is the primary fundraising event held by Inclusion Connections each year and founder Debbie Horn thought the best way to have a fundraiser is to also have a little fun. The evening is a chance for special needs kids and adults and their pier models to dress up and strut their stuff in all sorts of clothing lent-out or donated by local merchants. (So thank you to merchants big and small that participate!)

In the past we’ve had our special needs population in and around Olathe sport the finest of dresses and suits as well as western outfits and rock’n’roll attire that would make Joan Jett smile. The music will be blaring, the crowd will be smiling and laughing as the kids walk the runway, dance and give you their best moves.

Fun will be had by all.

Fun will be had because the entire night is about these special needs kids and adults. They are the stars of the evening and special tribute is paid to the pier models who work with them. Fun will be had because fun is necessary to counteract the unique challenges that come from having special needs, living with special needs and working with people with disabilities.

This year I’m gonna make sure we get great media to show you. Maybe I’ll podcast the event or maybe I’ll make a video montage to add to a post about FashionAbility. The event is just too darned fun to keep secret and, apparently, the word is out. We are sold out and sold out a full three weeks ahead of the event.

Thank you to everyone involved whether that means you bought a single ticket, a table or you just want to make a donation to Inclusion Connections to help fund the work they are doing, the lives they are shaping in southern Johnson County.