Chris and Emma Lengquist

In the hospital room where Piper was born.

I’d like you to know who Emma Lengquist was before mental illness stole her away.  And I’d like to secure these memories for all time.  The following is the first of many Emmasims and quick-bits that made us all smile.  I’ll drip these out from time to time.

For those of you that keep encouraging me to fight this fight for the rights of the mentally ill and disabled…don’t worry.  We are heading that direction. You have my word.  In the mean time, enjoy.charlie sheen

Emmaisms: “I want to marry a bad boy.”

We were driving along as a family and Emma, about nine or ten at the the time, was explaining to everyone in the car that one day she would marry a “bad boy.”

“But not one that smokes or drinks or cusses.”