Last Sunday marked the second anniversary of Emma’s passing. Marie, Piper and I were in Dallas for a work function and I was glad to have them there with me. I’ll never forget that long flight home, by myself, from Anaheim the morning after learning of her death.

I will also never forget who Emma was. I’ve shared Emmaisms on this blog many a time. Emmaisms are memories that I hold dear to my heart. When you read, they may not always connect with you. That’s okay. They connect with me.

Anyone who knew Emma knew she could have somewhat slightly delayed conversion from hearing to understanding. Not super-delayed. Yet, she’d get going on a train of thought and then realize something, almost like an epiphany…. several times a day. LOL.

“Wait. What?” became such a phrase in our house we would all laugh along with her. Because the moments and realizations were almost always lighthearted. The words became so prevalent that one day we even found a shirt with those two words printed on it… and we just had to get it for her.

To this very day I can still her tone, tenor and rhythm in those two simple words. And I smile.