As you know, mental health is a very important topic here at Glitches and Smiles. Today I’d like to urge you to support Kansas State Senate Bill 249, otherwise known as Kristi’s Law. Simply put, we are seeking enforcement of mental health parity laws that are supposed to be the standard.

Folks, this is not a perfect bill to solve all the issues with mental health care in Kansas. Yes it is a very good start. Essentially, the law would;

  • require that if a physician/psychologist/psychiatrist determines that a patient needs in-patient treatment for substance abuse, suicidal ideation, or actively suicidal, the patient will get in-patient treatment without “without imposition of prior authorization, concurrent review, retrospective review or any other form of utilization management review for the first 14 days of treatment.” In other words, the mental health provider with the patient is the determiner of need, not the insurance company.
  • The same applies to the first 180 days of out-patient treatment if that is what the physician/psychologist/psychiatrist determines that a patient needs.

And there are a few other important parts. Simply put, ” if the medical professional determines that the patient needs help, the patient gets help without having to jump through additional insurance company hoops. That help can be for in-patient or out-patient depending on the medical professional’s diagnosis and recommendation.”


Learn a little about Kristi’s story. Simply follow that link to see the backstory.

Contact your Kansas legislator to ask them to support Kristi’s law. At this point the bill has been sent to the Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee. You can find out who your state senator or house of representatives member is here and then click the FIND YOUR LEGISLATOR tab on the left side. Then simply send them an email that says something to the effect of “I am asking you to support Senate Bill 249 otherwise known as Kristi’s law because I believe mental health should be a priority in 2020.” Or call and leave a message. Either way. Be sure to be respectful.

Support my candidacy. Yes, I am the father of a child of special needs who later in life developed a mental health affliction. My story, told herein this website, is what has inspired me to run for Kansas State Senate, District 23. You can learn more about my campaign on my campaign website. I will be a firm voice for mental health and special needs issues in Kansas.

Donate to my candidacy. Yes, money matters. If you can give $5.00, give $5.00. Heck, snacks at a convenience store costs more. If you can give $50.00, give $50.00. The point is, any amount matters because;

  • It all adds up.
  • The more individuals that donate the more grass roots the campaign appears. When the “big money” sees what is going on they like to back a winner. We can make a difference $5.00 and $10.00 at a time.

There is much work to be done in Kansas to support some of our most vulnerable citizens. I’m seeking your support for both Kristi’s Law and my candidacy. We will make a difference in Kansas. Not for the benefit of the few, but for the many.