Merry Christmas, Emma. You are missed. You are loved.
Merry Christmas, Emma. You still amaze me.
Merry Christmas, Emma. What’s He really like?
Merry Christmas, Emma. Smile. Relax. Celebrate.

You are missed. You are loved.
Our house has memories of Emma everywhere. My behavior and my beliefs on how to treat people have Emma stamped into my core.

You still amaze me.
Unknowers condemn how you left this world. Believers twist theology, too. Yet, your influence may be stronger now than it ever was. Maybe they should try living your first five years. Maybe they should try having a resulting mental health diagnosis. Maybe they should try living physically disadvantaged. You fought so much. You still amaze me.

What’s He really like?
Honestly? I’m more than little jealous. I had the privileged to teach you about Him. Now there is so much I’m sure you want to teach me.

Smile. Relax. Celebrate.
Freedom of movement and peace of mind. You could sing a joyous tune when you worshiped…even if the tune was always more than a little out of tune. Celebrate, baby girl. Celebrate.